Porsche Consulting offers attractive professional development opportunities, with career paths structured to offer our consultants ever-greater responsibility.

When consultants start their careers at Porsche Consulting, they spend 100% of their time on a client project. Immersed in the work, they take ownership of individual parts of the project. As they progress from junior consultant to consultant and senior consultant, they’ll be increasingly responsible for larger portions of the work.

Our managers and senior managers lead one or two projects at a time, including having full responsibility for directing them on-site. They’re also responsible for further developing individual consulting methods.

Our associate partners and partners manage relations with our clients. They also work on strategic business development and manage the employees who work in their respective disciplines.

You can also choose a career path as an expert at Porsche Consulting. Senior experts specialize in a subject area and serve as central contacts for both our clients and our project teams. They bring specialized experience and knowledge and help develop field-specific consulting methods.

Promotions are announced twice a year, effective Jan. 1 and July 1.

Junior Consultant, Consultant, Senior ConsultantSub-project responsibility, method development0 – 6 years of professional experience
Manager, Senior ManagerProject direction, method development direction> 6 years of professional experience
Associate Partner, PartnerManagement of client relations> 10 years of professional experience