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What we do

A strong sales department delights customers with excellent individual experiences. Its foundation consists of intelligently synchronized sales channels, a clearly positioned brand, a wisely networked product and service portfolio, and consistent and efficient control of customer orders through all parts of the company. Porsche Consulting works with you to create the strategic conditions enabling all sales, marketing, and service activities to be precisely aligned to the individual wishes of your customers. The Porsche consultants also guide implementation of these conditions. They work with you to generate measurable results in customer satisfaction and reliable delivery commitments, as well as in the areas of quality, employer attractiveness, revenue, sales, and profit.

What we bring

  • Approach: Strategic vision, smart implementation—this is Porsche Consulting.
  • Experience: Experts in customer orientation—for medium-sized companies to multi-brand corporations.
  • Creativity: We question conventions. That inspires—and activates.

Brand and sales strategy

Firm focus on profitable growth.

Strategy depends on knowledge—about customers, their needs, and the competition. We work with you to develop your new strategy. Who are your strategic target groups? How will you handle the market in the future? The aim: each customer should sense the unique identity of your company. They should know what you promise in terms of performance, and experience it at every point of contact. Special rules apply to companies with many sales channels and multiple brands. They need to focus very carefully on specific target groups and position their brands accordingly. Sales channels should be intelligently synchronized and product and service portfolios astutely networked. Expertise and communications are what convince customers, engage them with the brand, and increase their readiness to buy. Comprehensive brand and sales strategies also have to incorporate after-sales activities to translate high levels of customer satisfaction during the usage stage into long-term loyalty. That leads to a sustainable rise in revenue and profit.

Sales and service performance

Pure power for superior results.

Sales models of the future will feature joint projects and new sales channels, formats, and technologies. Sales and service will move closer together, both physically and digitally. When the two areas work smoothly hand in hand, the full sales potential at all points of contact comes to fruition. Porsche Consulting supports you in building a high-powered sales and service organization: in focusing on profitable sales channels and customer segments, for example, but also in efficiently and effectively guiding all your sales and service activities.

Customer centricity

Benefiting and delighting customers

Customer orientation is a key factor in business success. Customers' concrete needs take center stage. As competition increases, so too do expectations for services and products. Our focus: understanding and accompanying customers on their journeys, and optimizing their contacts with the brand. This succeeds by means of targeted and agile responses to changing needs. Every customer journey has its underutilized chances and overlooked opportunities. These have the potential to expand core portfolios and to supplement existing business models or embed them in ecosystems. We concentrate on your customers. The result is a constant and measurable increase in their satisfaction and loyalty—at all points of contact.


Customer satisfaction meets company success

In addition to the product itself, reliable delivery commitments coupled with suitable prices play an ever greater role in customers' purchasing decisions. In order to offer this and to ensure deliverability, manufacturers often pay a high price. Porsche Consulting supports you with order-to-delivery processes in the transformation to greater customer satisfaction, lower costs, and higher reaction speeds. Our experts design processes, organizational structures, and digitalization strategies to let you increase flexibility and planning stability and achieve high deliverability at lower costs. With design principles proven in practice, we enhance the interplay among sales, production, logistics, and procurement to establish an end-to-end business process. The aims are sustainable competitive advantages: meeting delivery commitments, enabling changes to orders, and increasing profitability.


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