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What we do

A powerful sales department delights customers with positive, individualized experiences. Its backbone consists of intelligent and synchronized sales channels, a clearly positioned brand and expertly connected product and service portfolios. Porsche Consulting works with companies to create the conditions needed to orient every sales, marketing and service activity to the individual wishes of your customers. We partner with you to drive measurable results – not only in customer satisfaction but also in quality, employer appeal, turnover, sales and profit.

What we bring

  • A proven approach: Strategic vision, smart implementation—that is Porsche Consulting.
  • Experience: We are experts in efficiency, for medium-sized companies and multi-brand corporations alike.
  • Creativity: We question conventions. We inspire – and challenge.


Brand and Sales Strategy

A total focus on profitable growth.

The development of a strategy assumes knowledge – knowledge of customers, customer demands and competitors. We help you develop your new strategy: How will you approach the market? Our ultimate goal is for every customer to appreciate your unique brand and experience your brand promise at every touchpoint. Special rules apply for companies with many sales channels and multiple brands: They have to address individual target groups with particular care. Expertise and communication are what convince customers, foster their commitment to your brand and heighten their readiness to buy. That leads to higher sales, now and in the future.

Sales and Service Performance

Concentrated power for peak performance.

Joint projects as well as new channels, formats and technologies will fuel sales models of the future. Sales and service will become more closely connected, both physically and digitally; by working together successfully, you can maximize your sales potential at all customer touchpoints. We help you build a powerful sales and service organization – one with profitable sales channels and customer segments as well as efficient control over all sales and service activities.

Customer Centricity

Always at the center: the customer.

Opening hours and contact times are history; customers expect service 24/7. Digitalization has increased customer demands, making availability a critically important competitive factor. Ask yourself: Does each department and employee have the customer in mind? By identifying and maximizing opportunities that have been overlooked along the customer journey, organizations can expand core portfolios, supplement existing business models and establish new ecosystems. We put your patrons at the center as we install measurement and control mechanisms that will deliver happy customers at every point of contact.



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