Porsche Consulting was founded in 1994 on the heels of a major turnaround for the Porsche sports carmaker, which had suffered for several years from low sales and soaring costs. With a restructured workforce, productivity increased sharply, and the company began making a profit once again.

Along the way, the carmaker learned a lot about lean transformation. Having weathered a major crisis successfully , four of its employees came together to form Porsche Consulting to share their learnings and expertise with other organizations.

What was initially a small team working out of Zuffenhausen, Germany, became a global management consulting firm with offices in Atlanta and Silicon Valley in the U.S.; Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt in Germany; Milan in Italy; Paris in France; São Paulo in Brazil; and Beijing and Shanghai in China.

Now with a network of employees who range from engineers and entrepreneurs to economists, Porsche Consulting continues to apply learnings and solutions proven in the automotive industry to other sectors. Our clients rely on us to put strategies into practice in an increasingly digital world.