A Walk in the Woods

A new working environment at medical technology specialist B. Braun.

The road leading to the headquarters of the B. Braun company runs through mixed woodlands. And then on to what used to be a clinic at the edge of a small medieval town. The calm here is a source of strength. And a number of decisions are also made outdoors— after all, Mother Nature has a beneficial effect not only on health, but also on business. Photo: Porsche Consulting

There’s hardly a hospital that doesn’t use medical technology made by B. Braun Melsungen AG. This German company is one of the world’s leading equipment providers for intensive care units and operating rooms, and for anesthesiology and cardiology. With annual sales of around $8.2 billion, it is one of the worldwide top ten in its sector. At the same time, its working atmosphere differs markedly from that at many other large corporations. Its medical engineers are also pioneers in the area known as New Work.

It is no coincidence that Apple recently had 9,000 trees planted outside its new headquarters in Cupertino, unintentionally causing stock shortages at nurseries in California. “We don’t have that problem here,” says Klaus Dieter Pannes, Senior Vice President Operational Excellence at B. Braun Melsungen, as he looks out a panoramic window. The view encompasses green hills and valleys, and no end of trees. In the midst of an enormous wooded park in the north of the state of Hesse, this medical technology company has created an unusual corporate headquarters within the palatial walls of a former sanitarium for the treatment of pulmonary conditions. Reinforced concrete and high-rise flair? Think again.

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