Coroplast: Traditional Company as a Frontrunner

Executive Natalie Mekelburger Leads the Highly Specialized Supplier Coroplast.

Natalie Mekelburger took over as Chairwoman of the Board of Management in 2006. For Coroplast she envisions three independent business units led by a holding company: technical adhesive tapes, wires and cables, and special wire harness assemblies. Photo: Porsche Consulting

As the third generation of her family to take the reins, Natalie Mekelburger could certainly be satisfied with the future prospects of her company. Coroplast is a globally active automotive supplier with some 6,000 employees and a product spectrum whose importance will continue to rise due to current developments in the areas of e-mobility and autonomous driving. The company produces electrical wires and wire harnesses, as well as the technical adhesive tapes that protect them, at thirteen locations worldwide. Coroplast developed special high-voltage wires for electric vehicles as early as 2008.

Natalie Mekelburger took over as Chairwoman of the Board of Management in 2006. Under her leadership, Coroplast’s sales have more than doubled since then—to over €500 million in 2018. An impressive achievement in the mature market of the automotive supplier industry. Even so, the great-niece of the company founder still feels duty-bound to press ahead with the transformation of her company. “There are a number of factors in the automotive industry that indicate a trend toward lower unit volumes in the traditional markets. There are also new players on the market—and we are expecting completely new forms of mobility.”

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