Overcomes Barriers.

Carl Naughton (born in 1970) is a native of Britain with a profound sense of curiosity. He has a doctorate in linguistics and educational science, is a trained actor, an author, and co-founder of the Braincheck agency in Cologne.<br>Photo: Porsche Consulting.

What exactly is curiosity? “It is the desire to know more. And to be able to do more,” says educational scientist Carl Naughton. Brain scans show that the capacity for curiosity is implanted deep in the mind. Its locus suggests that it must be very old in evolutionary terms. A native of Britain who works at the University of Cologne, Naughton has spent ten years on the question of “How does the world enter our brain?”

He has examined 800,000 years of human history in search of the wellspring of curiosity. “Very early on, humans developed the ability to examine the unknown and to pursue questions persistently until finding the best possible solution.” This started way back in early history—with the use of fire and the production of the perfect spear.

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