Digital Magazine: Unlocking Perspectives

What matters now to economy and society.

This year marks the first time that Porsche Consulting magazine is appearing exclusively in digital form. The issue provides insights into the crisis provoked by Covid-19 and the reactions shown by executives and experts around the globe. Their views have a common theme: no matter how difficult the situation may be in many places, it pays to seek solutions for a better and more sustainable future.

In the mobility ecosystem—from rail and bus travel to the automotive and aviation sectors—transformation has accelerated all the more. Individuals like Natalie Mekelburger, CEO of the automotive supplier Coroplast, Oliver Blume, chairman of the executive board of Porsche, and Bart Reijnen, CEO of Airbus supplier Satair, elaborate on what gives them confidence for the future.

Peter Kössler, Audi executive board member for production and logistics, describes how one of the largest restructuring projects in the German automotive industry was accomplished in a single year—and promptly proved its worth when the coronavirus broke out. Nestlé CIO Filippo Catalano provides insights into the global corporation’s technological response to the pandemic. And the authors examine how sustainability is being viewed in a different light and how companies can successfully anchor it in their business.

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