Moving Forward – Mobility in Flux

Empty airports and train stations and the suspension of car production—the Covid-19 pandemic brought mobility to a halt in many parts of the world.

Mobility was already changing before the Covid-19 pandemic, but the crisis has given it a further boost: towards the future. Rethinking is called for. Photo: Mario Wagner

When the Covid-19 pandemic got underway, most airplanes were grounded and cruise ships were docked. Trains, trams, and buses often kept running, although with considerably fewer passengers and comprehensive social distancing measures. Car makers and suppliers were compelled to suspend production because of disruptions to their supply chains. In this edition of the Porsche Consulting magazine, company leaders describe how they responded to the difficult situation and what they expect for the future.

Marcopolo: Rethinking Mobility as a System

“Since we have industrial operations in eight countries and export to about forty countries, the biggest challenge of the pandemic was to adjust our business strategy to confront the new scenario. The peak of the pandemic occurred at different times in these countries, and we were forced to temporarily suspend the operation of most plants in Brazil and abroad. We had envisioned 2020 to become the most successful year ever in the history of the company and had hiring plans. Instead, we needed to furlough some of our staff and to reduce journeys and salaries. Personally, another great challenge was to mobilize leadership to face this new scenario and, fortunately, we were successful.”

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