Porsche Consulting improves its ranking in the ALM Vanguard

The research firm listed the management consultancy as “Best in Class” in Production Development Operations Consulting 2019.

Porsche Consulting gained ground in the 2019 Production Development Operations Consulting report rankings. Nathan Simon writes about the “organization’s extension into new sectors beyond its parent company’s discrete manufacturing roots together with more formalized collaboration with its sister company, IT-focused MHP-Consulting, give it breadth, while its foray into the startup ecosystem of Silicon Valley contributes depth at the intersection of engineering and procurement.”

Porsche Consulting’s service delivery model also was cited, noting “the firm positions its offerings as strategy implementation grounded in the transfer of knowledge and capabilities to clients. For this the firm uses a phased service-delivery model that kicks off with a proprietary health check specific to the function and follows this with a see-one, do-one, coach-one-engagement flow designed to incrementally build new capabilities around digestible scopes to ensure that the ultimate solution developed is designed and owned by the client.“