Smart Factory Day 2022

Ensure impact – empower people – enable scalability.

How can the positive impact of a smart factory be ensured? How can the scalability and transfer of concepts and technical solutions be achieved? These were central questions of this year´s Smart Factory Day at the Porsche Factory. Porsche Consulting welcomed 110 international managers from various industries such as life sciences, consumer and industrial goods, aerospace, transportation, and automotive suppliers in Stuttgart. Besides discussing the future of production and connecting with industry leaders, guests had the opportunity to gain exclusive insights into the Porsche Taycan factory.

Taking a closer look at the potentials and challenges of smart factories, panelists discussed how implementation can be achieved in a targeted, low-risk manner while maintaining a holistic, continuous approach. The discussed concepts touched on the importance of generating a fast impact, while at the same time having a clear strategy for subsequent scaling solutions with the help of cloud and platform services. Finally, it was emphasized that, through a strategic focus on core competencies of the future, empowered employees are key to achieving and maintaining a successful transformation toward the factory of the future.