Swiss Quality

Asset management firm Vontobel offers a money investment app.

When Swiss asset managers step on the gas: Axel Schwarzer, Head of Asset Management at Vontobel, was looking for a customer app and found it with help from Porsche. Photo: Porsche Consulting

Large-scale investors in Switzerland don’t need to be patient any more. Retirement funds, insurance companies, foundations, and other investors in need of asset managers to handle their capital used to have to wait weeks or months and go through numerous rounds of approvals before the formalities were completed and they could actually make their investments. Vontobel, a Zurich-based asset management company, is using digitalized processes to shorten this procedure by more than half. At the same time, it is offering customers a greater range of valuable information. The visible product is an app that allows new customers to check the progress that has been made toward finalizing their contracts at any time. “We were inspired by the automotive industry,” says Head of Asset Management Axel Schwarzer. That sounds surprising. Yet for Schwarzer it was clear that if customers commission his company to manage their assets, they should be able to obtain relevant information at any time.  And they should also be able to see the “production” status of their contracts—just like automotive customers who have configured a Porsche sports car.

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