Tattoo Transformation

Family-run company Edding branches out.

“Dare to be who you are” is a motto of Edding CEO Per Ledermann (center), shown here in his tattoo studio with Alexandru Bejenaru (tattoo artist, left) and Sebastian Gellwitzki (Brand Development Manager). Photo: Porsche Consulting/Marco Prosch

Everyone knows Edding’s traditional product: the permanent markers. Originally, they were used as a working tool in warehouses, logistics and shipping firms. And for decades, they were indispensable at lectures, seminars and workshops. But here too, as almost everywhere, the future is digital.

Per Ledermann, CEO of Edding AG, has also recognized this and reacted. Edding has been active in new, innovative business fields for some time now. The company even opened its first own tattoo studio in 2020. In addition to pure cosmetics like tattoo inks and nail polishes, digital applications complement Edding’s new portfolio. The "Edding Code", a technology that uses conductive digital ink, is one more product innovation. It can be used to detect forgeries of documents such as driver’s licenses and to electronically verify brand-name products. But the product range also includes interactive touchscreens and innovative concepts relating to New Work. For such innovations, the company uses its close cooperation with start-ups.

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