The Big Switch: Taking Remote Work Anywhere

Seemingly overnight a pandemic changed the way the world worked.

In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, telework has proved its worth even in remote places like the Chuquicamata copper mine near the city of Calama, in northern Chile. Nearly overnight, Codelco replaced many in-person meetings with digital ways of working together. Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Although the Covid-19 pandemic shut down travel around the world, it didn’t shut down business—or clients in the midst of implementing projects with the help of Porsche Consulting. That meant the management consultancy’s preferred collaboration style—hands-on and in person, with intensive workshop sessions—had to be adjusted in the face of social distancing and travel bans.

From Canada to Chile, three projects show how consultants and their clients coped with the change and succeeded in delivering results despite a sudden shift to remote work. Their experiences show that digital collaboration tools and creativity will reduce the need for on-site work in the future, but the personal touch will never go out of style.

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