Two Women Get Rid of Plastic

The solution is a bio-based and completely compostable replacement for plastic.

A world without plastic waste—the two founders of Traceless Materials GmbH, Dr. Anne Lamp (CEO, left) and Johanna Baare (COO), are dedicated to achieving this goal. Their innovative bio-based granulate makes plastic products fully compostable. Photo: Porsche Consulting/Andreas Laible

A world without plastic waste: The founders of Traceless Materials GmbH, Dr. Anne Lamp, CEO, and Johanna Baare, COO, are fully committed to achieving this ambitious goal. With a completely new product, they are seeking to revolutionize the plastics industry and to wage war on plastic pollution. For its unique commitment to sustainability, the company was recognized by the 2022 German Entrepreneur Award as winner in the “StartUp” category.

The German start-up has developed an innovative solution: a light orange crystalline substance that can be further processed into a sustainable alternative to plastic. It is made of residues from processing grain. The bio-based granulate “Traceless”, as the founders call it, has similar properties to plastic but is completely biodegradable under natural composting conditions—within a record time of nine to twelve weeks. As the name “Traceless” indicates, this is a solution that vanishes without a trace.

The material has a wide range of potential applications. It can be used to make wraps and coatings as well as alternatives to hard plastics. But also packaging and single-use products could be replaced by Traceless in the future.

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