Study: Digital MedTech Transformation

June 2018 | MedTech and Pharma / Digitization and Innovation

The MedTech industry has experienced impressive growth over the last decade. The vast majority of Medtech companies are valued globally, as their products meet the highest individual patient demands in terms of innovativeness, functionality, quality, and reliability. And the MedTech industry has also been able to strengthen its market position despite globalization trends in general. Even forecasts find that the value of the worldwide Medtech market will reach $520 billion by 2022 (CAGR of 5.1%). This success is not set in stone for all companies of the MedTech sector. Porsche Consulting sees healthcare at a crossroads, perceiving strongly disruptive forces driven by market, technology, and regulation. Now is the time for a major transformation to shape the future of the MedTech sector.