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Porsche Consulting Magazine: More Current, More Coverage

The new digital magazine offers in-depth insights into the business world every month.

Stuttgart. With portraits of exciting companies, interviews with top managers, and feature stories from a wide range of industries, Porsche Consulting – The Magazine covers exclusive topics in the business world. The digital client magazine with an international focus offers clear takes on the complex issues from the practice of strategy consulting and brings economics to life. All articles are available in German and English.

Published regularly in print form since 2004, Porsche Consulting Magazine sets high journalistic standards. It reaches a broad readership and has received multiple awards. The magazine is now appearing in digital form with a greater frequency to provide more rapid, current, and comprehensive coverage. Readers enjoy ever-expanding content with quick access to all previous topics. Individual stories can be shared in an even more streamlined form, and serve as valuable references.

The discerning articles feature sophisticated infographics, some of which are animated, as well as specially commissioned picture series from leading photographers. The stories are supplemented with the company's own expert analyses as well as concrete case studies.

Content revolves around megatrends such as sustainability, electrification, digital transformation, mobility, and smart factories. In an article on gigafactories, Porsche Consulting's battery experts analyze the conditions for making profitable businesses out of battery cell factories. The focus here is on modern battery technologies, efficient production processes, favorable locations, and the right scaling for sustainable production in Europe. Another article examines the crucial role of the right leadership style in strategic transformations. With "Multidimensional Leadership" as both title and guiding theme, it shows the need for managers to reach their employees on emotional levels and actively include them in mastering transformations.

You'll find these and many other leading-edge articles in Porsche Consulting Magazine.