Corporate Development

What we do

Standing still is not an option – not for the evolution of a sports car, and not for the future of a company. We partner with organizations from a wide range of industries to evolve their strategy and operations for the long term. We help businesses develop outstanding high performance and agility, not unlike a sports car. We make companies into the Porsches of their industries, and we’re always pushing to make each success that much better.

What we bring

  • A proven approach: Strategic vision, smart implementation – that’s Porsche Consulting.
  • Experience: We’ve completed more than a thousand projects for large corporations and medium-sized companies alike.
  • Creativity: We go beyond the tried and true to create innovative new solutions – solutions that inspire people.


Strategy and Business Models

Turning good ideas into effective results.

Good strategies serve as a road map that guides the organization forward, even when the unexpected happens. We ensure lasting results by defining future-focused business models, getting employees on board, promoting company-wide communication and delivering on the measures most critical to your business.

High-performance Organization

Short paths, rapid responses.

Digitalization and innovations are blurring the lines between sectors. New competitors are on the rise, and established companies have little time to respond. Against this backdrop, leaders who think ahead will be well-positioned to respond rapidly and agilely. Porsche Consulting helps managers set up a high-performance organization, one with a customer-first orientation, shorter decision-making paths and close interdepartmental collaboration.

Efficiency Programs

We create space for added value.

We help organizations across industries create value and make space for investment and innovation. In selecting the efficiency levers to use, we take into account competitive, financial and revenue considerations. We apply learnings from a wide range of successful projects to meet the individual needs of each client. Our work is done only when implementation is – and when our clients have realized a marked increase in flexibility.

Corporate Services

From service providers to strategic partners.

Digital transformation demands cooperation and synchronization across an organization. Personnel, IT and finance departments must evolve from service providers to business partners, while processes like IT portfolio control or investment and resource planning become integral components of strategic decisions. We oversee company-wide transformations with a comprehensive view that includes corporate services.


Dr. Hagen Radowski

President and CEO
Porsche Consulting, Inc., USA
Phone: +1-678-641-6229
One Porsche Drive
Atlanta, GA 30354