Corporate Development

What we do

Standing still is not an option. In an era of new technologies, changing markets, and global uncertainties, strategic further development is more crucial than ever. We focus on the opportunities inherent in such changes, and use them to generate competitive advantages. In doing so we work closely together with our clients' teams, draw on our network's expertise, and develop effective individual strategies. As experts in corporate strategy and added value, we also use our approach for Porsche and Volkswagen in our own corporate group—with successful results. We make this expertise available to our clients.

What we bring

  • Approach: Strategic vision, smart implementation—this is Porsche Consulting.
  • Experience: 1,000 projects in a wide range of sectors—for corporations and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Creativity: We find unusual solutions too—but ones that always inspire enthusiasm.

Strategy development

Generating value sustainably

Successful corporate strategies provide orientation in uncertain times as well. They are designed to generate value sustainably: for customers, owners, and employees. At the same time, companies need to think in strategic ways and have the agility to make rapid and well-founded decisions. Excellence in implementation is the key factor in success over failure. We put this successfully into practice with our clients around the globe. Our expertise extends from developing strategies for companies and corporate divisions to guiding the implementation thereof. Measurable success and your competitive advantage are what count for us.

Digital transformation

Identifying and utilizing opportunities

The key to successfully scaling up digitalization consists of networking: employees, expertise, products, technologies, and external partners are part of our all-inclusive program for digital transformation. As bridge-builders between the analogue and digital worlds, the Porsche consultants ensure the right degree of renewal. We find out where and how digitalization can help achieve more growth, greater efficiency, and better customer experiences. With knowledge gained from more than 200 such projects we bring digital innovations to fruition for our clients. We anchor digitalization within organizations and thereby lay the foundations for sustainable strategic transformation. We focus on rapid decision-making structures, agile portfolio management, secure and expandable strategic and technical capacities, and continuous change management and communication.

Efficiency programs

Increasing value via productivity

Our efficiency programs guide you to sustainable profitability. Porsche Consulting supports you in securing short-term liquidity, increasing medium- and long-term earning power, and conducting strategic dimensioning. The priority is on your employees. We stand for concepts known above all for effective implementation. Our approaches vary in accordance with each company's economic situation, strategy, and culture. Our benchmarks and individual analyses guide companies in site-selection processes. We build on that to develop powerful and ambitious strategies to increase efficiency, offering expertise in everything from automating processes, streamlining organizations, and optimizing cost structures to managing change. We can thereby enable financial stability in periods of crisis, transformation, and growth.

Private equity

Using deals to increase value

Private equity enterprises invest considerable sums in company acquisitions. Upon buying into a new company it is important to apply the right measures to foster growth. Porsche Consulting develops strategically oriented value-enhancement plans for the relevant investment periods that provide financially measurable results in three dimensions: sales growth, cost efficiency, and cash-flow optimization. Drawing on our experience in the Volkswagen Group we apply innovative and effective concepts and provide pragmatic support in implementation, operating on an equal partnership basis with investors and the managers of portfolio companies.

Innovative business models

Focusing on customer experience

Successful products alone can no longer ensure a sustainable competitive advantage. Customers increasingly expect to find customized solutions for their individual needs. Innovative service-oriented values have to be developed and promised, and the relevant capacities and partner networks established. By supplementing companies' specific strengths in targeted ways and developing flexible revenue models, new challenges on the market can be confidently overcome. Our consultants work with you to develop future business models. We combine creativity with market expertise and passion. Together with our partners we guide our clients from initial ideas to prototypes, thereby ensuring a successful market launch.

High-performance organizations

Enabling top-notch results

New technologies and the pressure to innovate require businesses to respond rapidly and effectively. Established companies have little time to react. Those that think ahead and position astutely can respond rapidly and agilely with a high-performance organization. Porsche Consulting works with you to conceptualize and implement this goal. Based on your company strategy, we jointly renew structures, processes, and control mechanisms—to increase customer orientation, speed, agility, and innovative power. With proven solutions from more than 1,000 corporate development projects we support you with strict customer centricity, short decisional paths, and inner-organizational collaboration. The focus remains firmly on people.

Innovative operations

Real innovations. Real competitive advantages.

Innovations are what thrill the market. They consist of groundbreaking products and services. And of creative ideas for regular business operations. Porsche Consulting's innovation program helps manage different innovations in precise and focused ways, avoiding a disparate approach to individual solutions. The ability to celebrate rapid successes and promptly leave unproductive tracks requires more than single labs, open innovation centers, or "design thinking." Together we create an organization that strikes the right balance between the present and future. Open for new ideas and centered around people—because what customers value is our ultimate yardstick for success.


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