Digitization and Innovation

What we do

It’s one thing for a company to become a leader at the top of its field; it’s another thing for it to stay there. Given the increasing rate of technological innovation, that’s never been truer than it is today. With extensive experience across industries, we drive transformation. Getting employees on board and picking pilot projects to kickstart change and reach critical mass – that’s what we do best. Our comprehensive approach delivers the results that matter to your business.

What we bring

  • A proven approach: Strategic vision, smart implementation – that’s Porsche Consulting.
  • Experience: We’ve delivered more than 100 innovation and digitalization projects across a wide range of industries.
  • Creativity: We find unusual solutions that bring together competing interests.

Digital Transformation

Spotting and exploiting digital opportunities.

Connections and networking are the key to scaling success with digitalization. Our approach to digital transformation encompasses employees, expertise, products, technologies and partners. As experts who bridge the analog and the digital worlds, we identify where and how digital processes can help drive growth, greater efficiency and a better customer experience. The digital operating models we put in place lay the foundation for sustainable digital transformation.

Industry 4.0

Holistic strategies, not one-off projects.

Industry 4.0 is the answer to volatile markets, ongoing product change and unrelenting cost pressure. We work with you to develop a roadmap to ensure that your digital initiatives move beyond isolated, one-off projects to true digital transformation. Our pilot projects are designed to be scaled, right from the start. We ensure that humans and machines are working together, in the most effective ways possible, throughout your company. We bring employees on board, building enthusiasm, and get them ready to use new technologies. And we do this all while helping you evaluate options, automate decisions and integrate the right applications across processes. The result: Greater flexibility and efficiency in everything from product development processes and smart factory facilities to customer support.

New Mobility

The future of transportation.

Mobility is changing at a breakneck pace, and we can expect to see more developments in the next five years than we did in the past 50. Electromobility, driverless cars and connectivity are paving the way for new business models. Energy companies and freeway operators are becoming partners with the automotive industry, and innovative providers are adopting targeted customer-oriented perspectives. Customers, for their part, expect digital interfaces for all relevant services when out on the road – above and beyond transportation itself. A wide variety of industries are working together to provide joint services, which gives integrators a key role. With significant experience and expertise in mobility, our consultants partner with clients to develop the products that customers will soon be demanding. And they help develop the people, processes and technology needed to bring those products to life.


Genuine innovation for competitive advantage.

When a product or service changes the game, the market takes note. Companies need more than individual labs, open innovation centers and design thinking to deliver the products, services and ideas that drive customer value. The innovation program from Porsche Consulting helps you move beyond disconnected individual solutions to become a focused hub of groundbreaking offerings and creative ideas. Together we create organizations that maintain the right balance between the present and the future – companies that are open to new developments and driven by a relentless focus on the customer.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Turning data into business.

Big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) enable us to make better data-based decisions, automate processes and connect intelligent products and services, but many organizations lack the requisite expertise in data science and domains. We work with specialized partners and our clients’ experts to develop analytic and AI solutions that increase the bottom line – now and well into the future. As a founding partner of the Applied AI Initiative, Porsche Consulting draws on resources like high-end AI infrastructure and leading experts to fuel innovation.