People and Culture

What we do

When change is ongoing, people become all the more important to the success of a business. Organizations facing industry disruption and fast-moving developments need to embrace modern leadership methods – and, often, a new corporate culture. We help leaders navigate this new world of work.

What we bring

  • A proven approach: Porsche Consulting integrates a focus on people and culture into every consulting project.
  • Experience: Our change experts have specialized in transformation for more than two decades.
  • Purpose: We promote ideas and courage as we develop creative solutions targeted to your organization’s unique needs.

Change Management

Our change management experts partner closely with clients to help motivate employees and ensure that teams are on board – and enthusiastic – about change. We know how to ask the right questions and draw the right conclusions. Our analyses lay the foundation for long-term change management plans that are centered on people. By involving employees in the change process early on, offering individual training opportunities and ensuring informative, open communication, we increase adoption by managers and staff alike. The result? Change happens more quickly, and new ways of working move forward smoothly.

Culture Transformation

We help organizations drive results through changes to corporate and leadership culture. The first step is to formulate a clear goal of the culture and behaviors the organization is trying to create – a goal leaders will be charged with communicating across the organization. The next step is to create the right conditions to enable these behaviors. We partner with leaders to remove structural obstacles, expand decision-making capabilities and develop innovative forms of collaboration. The result is an enduring change in leadership practices, patterns and behaviors, one in which managers become cultural ambassadors for transformation.


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