Production and Logistics

Production and logistics, together, have become a great balancing act. Customers expect rapid response times as well as highly individualized top-quality products. Internal expectations are increasing in tandem, with companies placing a premium on profitability, delivery performance and securing their expertise over the long term. Managing these sometimes competing interests carries a high level of risk. At Porsche Consulting, we have developed production and logistics methods that mitigate this risk and generate long-term competitive advantage. Our strategies have proven themselves for our clients for more than two decades now.

Key questions

  • What is the production strategy that will best support our company’s goals with respect to markets, customers, finances and employees?
  • Where do we manufacture our products?
  • How can we become even more efficient and further reduce costs?
  • Which components do we make ourselves, and which are better left to suppliers?
  • How can we speed up our response times?
  • How can we manufacture our products to meet (and exceed) customers’ expectations?
  • How can we reduce high inventory levels and eliminate inflexible logistics structures?

Strategies and solutions

We bring together production specialists and industry consultants who are well-versed in the language of managers as well as shop floor employees. Our teams develop innovative strategies and solutions, partnering with clients from start through implementation and beyond – our work’s not done until our clients are satisfied.

A successful production strategy is aligned to an organization’s overarching strategy. By taking into account the goals for customers, finances, employees and markets, an effective strategy helps leaders define and prioritize the right production initiatives. Typical questions include: How are the production processes structured? How is the production network designed? Which components are made where, and what are the specializations of the individual sites? And how are production operations set up in organizational terms? We partner with organizations to create a winning production strategy by examining product concepts and development interfaces. We use key performance indicators to continuously monitor implementation of the strategy, adapting it to changes that occur along the way.

Long-term success requires that organizations regularly assess their processes and systematically strive for improvement and synergies; ad hoc solutions are not a viable alternative. At Porsche Consulting, we help companies define and structure their ideal production system. Drawing on extensive experience at Porsche, our consultants rely on interlinked methods, instruments, standards and key performance indicators to optimize the production system – and continue to improve it. Key steps include optimizing the production layout and offering workshops and training and certification programs for employees.

We develop individual project plans for each client to reduce the costs associated with direct and indirect production processes. We start with a comprehensive analysis to determine the relevant cost drivers and how they are interconnected with waste in the processes. We determine which cost reduction targets should be reached for which departments and processes. We then define the right measures and set up a control system to monitor them. With the help of a project management office (PMO), we drive and control all of the activities, for a measurable increase in efficiency.

Reliable delivery dates play a major role in the purchasing decisions of many customers. Manufacturers often pay a high price in the form of high inventory levels, special transport measures and hectic last-minute rescue operations to deliver on this customer imperative. Porsche Consulting works with clients to establish processes and set the rules of the game, so clients can increase their flexibility and planning stability and achieve a high level of delivery performance. We partner with companies to interlink the control processes for sales, production and procurement across the organization, eliminating supply bottlenecks and delays.

The old adage is true: Time is indeed money. Our consultants have identified the success factors that allow organizations to begin production as quickly as possible. We help establish organizational structures with clear priorities for coordinating production, quality, planning and maintenance. Our approach includes planning staffing needs and skill requirements early on and ensuring that reliable technical systems are available during the design and setup stages, for maximum stability. We partner with clients to ensure that ramp-up management is linked closely with the development department and supplier management and that the new processes we implement are sustainable across the organization over the long term.


Excessive inventory levels become a burden, and structures that have evolved over time can put the brakes on flexibility. To avoid this, Porsche Consulting helps companies design and implement comprehensive logistics strategies. Our consultants’ expertise has been honed through many years of project experience in the automobile and automotive supplier, aviation and consumer goods industries as well as by working with logistics service providers. We have proven tools and processes that lower costs, improve delivery service, reduce inventory levels and make the logistics process more efficient – both for ongoing series production as well as for preparing for and starting up production.


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