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We view healthcare as an overall ecosystem in the midst of a major transformation shaped by social change, innovation, and new market players. Disruptive technologies and digitalization are serving to both enable and accelerate these developments. Not only are markets and health systems changing, but there is also a greater awareness of preventive measures, fitness, and nutrition. Clients and patients are expecting the quality of care to improve. Society itself benefits from an efficient healthcare system, and companies are finding new opportunities for growth. At the same time, challenges are increasing every day: innovation and price pressures, strategic positioning decisions in the ecosystem, regulatory requirements, and the need to restructure global supply chains are just a few examples.

Health is of the outmost significance in this transformation process. Millions of people at hospitals, doctors' offices, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, health institutes and associations, and health insurances strive every day to combat illnesses, restore health, and improve the quality of life. Therefore, our focus is on people—on the patients, customers, healthcare professionals, and society.
Porsche Consulting is committed to generating sustainable value through tangible results—from strategy design to effective implementation, and from strengthening competitive advantage to attaining financial goals.

Key questions

  • What is the right portfolio of products, services, and business models for sustainable growth?
  • What are suitable strategies to further improve the company's power of innovation?
  • What skills will the company need in the future and how can they be secured? 
  • What measures can lead to an increase in the company’s performance? 
  • What is the best strategy for utilizing digitalization and how can innovative concepts be successfully scaled?

Concepts and solutions

We have numerous years of experience from hundreds of projects for pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, hospitals, and healthcare payers, and are highly familiar with current and future dynamics in the healthcare ecosystem. We are actively involved in shaping the future of healthcare with our involvement in research projects and support for start-ups seeking innovative healthcare solutions. For our clients we develop effective strategies to enhance customer and patient orientation and to increase competitive advantage. In doing so, we always focus on implementation as well as on achieving measurable results.

Changes in the healthcare ecosystem are breaking up conventional value chains from medication production to delivery thereof to people needing treatment. Moreover, new competitors and well-funded start-ups are gaining traction on the market. Strategic transformation therefore requires flexible and rapid responses in order to position new products and services successfully and sustainably on the market.

Porsche Consulting supports its clients here in developing corporate, product, and function-related strategies. This includes helping pharmaceutical and medical technology companies position themselves strategically in the healthcare ecosystem, guiding the acquisition of new skills, and establishing new ventures for greater agility and innovation. To achieve outstanding results, we provide the space for creative solutions at our Innovation Lab, combine our consulting experience with innovative modes of work, and collaborate with the most renowned futurology institutes and scientists. We supplement the guidance of strategic transformation with a stringent approach to change management in order to bring our clients to their goal.

Changing demands on the part of patients and healthcare professionals require innovative solutions on the part of established health companies. Trends toward value-based healthcare, telehealth, digitalization of clinical trials, and connectivity for medical products are opening up completely new ways of generating value for patients and customers. The healthcare ecosystem of the future will feature collaboration among a wide range of sectors and new shared ways of raising the quality of both treatment and life.

Porsche Consulting has the expertise and experience to consider products and processes from customer and patient perspectives as well as from the standpoint of healthcare professionals. Numerous projects with healthcare stakeholders have given us a deep understanding of the needs of target groups. Our experts work with clients to develop precisely those products and services that will be needed in the future to generate strategic advantage. Examples include data-based business models with new price models, digital services such as health platforms and apps with direct patient and physician contact, and IoT-capable smart medical product systems. However customer and patient orientation does not end with product portfolios. Company organizational structures, processes, systems, and attitudes need to be correspondingly attuned. Together with our network partners we provide customer-oriented solutions for innovative products and services, including selecting the right market and customer sectors, prototype implementation of minimum viable products (MVPs), product development, and launch.

We do not view digitalizing healthcare as an end in itself. Instead, the goal is to encompass three main target dimensions: improving treatment quality and patient and customer experiences, increasing healthcare efficiency, and streamlining company access and growth in new market segments. Achieving these digitalization-related targets often requires a company-wide transformation. It comprises employee understanding and expertise, products, a suitable IT infrastructure, and collaboration with external partners.

Our experts identify the right transformational starting points and content priorities to foster greater efficiency or growth through digitalization. Based on these insights we work with our clients in the healthcare sector to define their individual ambitions and guide them along the way with suitable measures. This is achieved, for example, through the use of artificial intelligence in marketing and sales of medical products,; or by utilizing Industry 4.0 concepts for a more flexible and individualized production of medicines, integrated software solutions for hospitals and automated processes in administrative departments such as finance and purchasing. Deliberate and systematic use of new technologies pays off, as does consideration of relevant enablers—not only in financial terms but also with respect to quality in the eyes of patients and customers.

Production of medications and medical products has to be efficient, flexible, scalable, and customer-oriented. Successful companies combine these attributes to generate competitive advantage from higher levels of profitability and customer satisfaction. Our consultants take a comprehensive approach to optimization and innovation. The aim is to synchronize global, regional, and local production activities as well as information and material flows. Complementary elements include programs to increase operational excellence that enable pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to secure viable positions for the future. New technologies and digitalization are applied in targeted ways and serve as vehicles for factories of the future—whose hallmarks are efficiency, sustainability, and customer orientation.

Porsche Consulting supports its clients in creating production systems of the future. Short-term measurable results are the precondition for acceptance and for the success of long-term production strategies. Our concepts include future-oriented factories, piloting and scaling innovative, digital production solutions, and reorganizing production networks and supply chains. Our projects bring the employees on board, and our programs utilize a philosophy of continuous improvement and skill-based professional empowerment to secure the sustainability of major value-adding projects for our clients.


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