Our modern world is characterized by rapid, mostly effortless, and increasingly sustainable means of travel and transportation — in local, national, and international contexts. For everyone in the sector, collaboration within transportation ecosystems will be the most important factor for success. The experts at Porsche Consulting view these ecosystems holistically — from client interfaces to operators, manufacturers, and infrastructures. Our clients include companies in the passenger and freight transport sectors, manufacturers of trains and ships, as well as transport companies for rail, road and water infrastructures. We support decision makers in developing and implementing strategies and far-reaching solutions that make passenger travel and freight transport more flexible, secure, and convenient — for everyone. Now and in the future.

Key questions

  • How will demands for passenger and freight transport change in the future? How will that influence your corporate strategy, business model, employees, products, and processes?
  • What do the customer interface, operations, production, and IT infrastructure look like?
  • How can your company address the needs of the market in flexible ways, while simultaneously raising levels of motivation and productivity? How can you achieve operational excellence?
  • How can we in the transportation ecosystem become carbon neutral? What solutions are already here, and how can we shape the future to become more sustainable?

Strategies and solutions

Our international team of experts specializes in the transportation ecosystem with extensive experience drawn from more than 500 projects. As consultants, we combine strategic vision, smart implementation, and open dialogue with managers and employees.

Strategies provide orientation and enable rapid and flexible responses to unexpected developments. High-precision communication and early involvement by managers and employees alike secure sustainable success in the transportation sector and ensure high levels of acceptance.

Porsche Consulting supports its clients in developing corporate, product, and departmental strategies as well as future business models. Examples range from strategies for infrastructure operators to the development of new business models.

Our Innovation Lab paves the way for creative solutions: It’s the place where our consulting experience and innovative technical systems come together to form a unique environment for generating and further developing business models and corporate strategies.

Innovative solutions are needed to meet ever-increasing customer demands for services like multimodal mobility, transparent real-time punctuality and occupancy information, and new and alternative forms of mobility. Rising interest in shared-economy and sustainability solutions, combined with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, are fundamentally altering our mobility patterns. Very different sectors are collaborating to create new connectivity options and more flexible modes of transport and travel.

Porsche Consulting has the expertise and experience to envision products and processes from the customer’s standpoint. Our consultants co-create with clients to develop precisely the products they can successfully launch in the future. Examples include multimodal platforms, new services, data monetarization, collaboration models, predictive analyses of mobility patterns, and new forms of individual customer experience. Coupled with our network partners we focus on generating minimum viable product (MVP) prototypes. Our experts of course also guide the successful implementation thereof in practice.

Digitalization in the 21st century must not become an end in itself. Instead, it has to pursue three aims in economical ways: enhancing customer experience, increasing operational excellence in core business areas, and acquiring new sources of income from new fields of business. A digital transformation encompasses a company’s employee expertise, products, processes, and technologies as well as how it networks with external partners.

As bridge-builders between the analogue and digital worlds, our consultants ensure the right level of renewal. We find out where and how digitalization can contribute to increased growth, greater efficiency, and an improved customer experience. We support companies in developing and implementing an appropriate digitalization strategy, and in setting up an agile and trans-functional organization. Examples here include digital twins of the traffic infrastructure, the use of Industry 4.0 to manufacture trains, ships, and other means of transport, and the application of artificial intelligence to make rapid and data-based decisions in creating timetables and itineraries. Precautionary asset management prevents breakdowns and reduces maintenance during operations to a minimum, while maximizing vehicle and facility availability.

Adding value, raising productivity, expanding the scope for investment and innovation—these are all crucial for commercial success. Selecting the right efficiency levers depends on competitive contexts as well as financial and revenue factors.

The experts at Porsche Consulting combine their experience from successful projects with their clients’ individual requirements. This includes setting up a modern and flexible organization. We use our innovative New Work approach to modify leadership and collaboration models, which in turn enhance employee motivation and commitment. Our job only ends with successful implementation and with significantly higher flexibility and productivity on rails, roads, and waterways.

Operational excellence is the basis for greater efficiency. It creates space for future investments and provides the greatest possible flexibility in responding to changes in the market.

With customer needs as a point of departure, we draft end-to-end processes with a focus on value-adding activities. Process design and enhancement here are always based on measurable success. Managers and employees are involved early on to ensure long-term acceptance. Our experts from the transport and traffic sectors only consider our job done when new processes are not only described, but also embraced in practice.

The constant rise in passenger and freight volumes requires changing the traffic and transport infrastructures to utilize and expand existing capacities in reasonable ways. Key aspects here include accelerated construction planning and execution as well as the best possible balance in the charged field of infrastructure use versus renewal.

Our experts in construction, digitalization, and financing guide companies on the road in developing strategies, modifying processes and organizations, and making the required technological changes. Processes, systems, and network partners need to work together flawlessly — for customers expect nothing less.

Putting socially responsible, economical, and environmentally friendly sustainability strategies into practice requires restructuring the entire transportation ecosystem—including infrastructures, alternative drive concepts like electric mobility and hydrogen, as well as the use of synthetic fuels. Many decision makers now decidedly focus on rendering their companies’ operations, products and services carbon neutral.

Porsche Consulting supports companies in creating credible sustainability visions and strategies, and in putting these visions swiftly and successfully into practice. The focus rests on economical solutions, such as improved use of existing assets, consolidating transport services, and zero-emission drive concepts with the associated supply strategies.


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