Andrea Illy, illycaffè

Porsche Consulting’s advice is not just intelligent – it’s brilliant

Andrea Illy is a fan of true sports cars. And so he paid close attention as Porsche became the most profitable car maker in the world. Lean production fascinated him. When the question then arose as to how the Illys’ specialized coffee business could meet increasing demand more efficiently, he promptly set off from Trieste to visit Germany. Or more precisely, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, the traditional heart of the Porsche sports car company.

Experts from Porsche Consulting have been supporting illycaffè in various projects now since 2009. One example consists of optimizing the company’s own manufacture of 250-gram cans, which doubled that system’s productivity. A new quality management system has also been introduced. Products are strictly monitored, because the company attaches the highest priority to quality. Around 50 coffee beans are needed for one cup of espresso. “Just one bad bean would ruin it,” remarks CEO Illy.