Christian Thönes, DMG MORI Aktiengesellschaft

“We are looking for continuous improvement – which is why we are learning from the best”

DMG MORI is one of the world’s leading makers of machine tools. Over recent decades the corporation has become a pioneer in technology for five-axis machining systems. Its largest site, which is part of member company DECKEL MAHO , is located in the Bavarian town of Pfronten. The superb reputation of this site is based on meeting individual customer wishes for anything from developing new technology to providing complete production lines.

Although DECKEL MAHO in Pfronten had a good organizational structure, its production system was running up against limits a few years ago. Numerous innovations and an expanded modular system of products were making it harder to meet deadlines. Christian Thönes, a former managing director of the site who is now chairman of the executive board of DMG MORI, contacted Porsche Consulting in 2010. Together they developed a new philosophy for processing orders. As he explains, “We placed a premium on standardizing the process chain and harmonizing the supply chain. Our aims were to improve both our planning capacities and our delivery performance – throughout the entire process, including sales, planning, engineering, procurement, and logistics as well as production and delivery.” The on-time delivery rate rose to 95 percent, while production times decreased by 10 percent. This was no one-off achievement. In the meantime, other DECKEL MAHO sites are also benefiting from applying the improved processes developed in conjunction with Porsche Consulting.