Gil West, Delta Air Lines

We promote dialogue with our customers

Gil West plays a key role at Delta Air Lines, the second-largest airline in the world. As Executive Vice President and COO, he is responsible for airport management and technology. This job requires nerves of steel, because as everyone knows, if airports do not function properly then not much else is possible in the aviation sector. Moreover, passengers are justified in placing high demands.

Delta has set itself the goal of responding yet more precisely to customer wishes. Communication should no longer be a one-way street. In the past the airline has been able to pass on information to its customers at short notice, such as when flights are cancelled and tickets need to be rebooked. “But we want customers to be able to respond directly to our suggestions, and if necessary to make different selections,” says West. In order to maintain and expand its culture of customer assistance, Delta worked together with Porsche Consulting to set up a system that increases customer satisfaction. As West explains, “What we want is to develop ever more ways to ensure that customers have positive experiences, not just in individual cases but on a more widespread and systematic basis.”