Hugo Fleck, Ouro e Prata

Porsche Consulting has a rapid and efficient way of working”

When Hugo Fleck travels long distances, he prefers to do so by bus. “Buses are the simplest, safest, and most enjoyable way to travel in Brazil,” says the owner of the Ouro e Prata transport company, which is based in the southern city of Porto Alegre. Because railway networks in South America are often very poorly developed and because airlines concentrate on capital cities and commercial centers, long-distance buses are often the best alternative. This applies to tourists as well as to business travelers.

Ouro e Prata runs 90 bus lines that connect more than 260 cities throughout Brazil. Despite rising demand and the expansion of its service to waterways, the company was struggling with high levels of waste. “We weren’t able to achieve large profit margins,” says Fleck, a descendant of German immigrants to the country. In 2013 Porsche consultants began working together with employees on optimizing processes and aligning them with the company’s strategy. Following improvements in both operational and administrative areas, Fleck sees benefits above all in how the company’s culture has changed. “Porsche Consulting has strongly influenced our further development. The consultants have conveyed a new way of looking at things. We have learned to concentrate on the results of our actions.”