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ESG – Capitalizing on Sustainability or Green Evolution?

16.11.2022 | Article

ESG – does it capitalize on sustainability or is it a green evolution? Why do ESG ratings matter? Do companies with strong ESG scores outperform their competitors? These questions are being considered in everyday sustainability contexts and have yet to be answered.

ESG ratings and investments are becoming increasingly popular for companies, capital markets and regulators. They are not only relevant for disclosing a company's sustainability performance, but also have a decisive impact on investment decisions, returns on capital and corporate risks. The continued dominance of ESG shows how important sustainability is in terms of climate change, resource efficiency or human capital. Consequently, many companies started to successfully engage with ESG ratings some time ago – something that requires both in-depth expertise as well as time and effort. A special factor driving this momentum is reduced concern about greenwashing and impact measurement, which gives investors more confidence in sustainable investing.

One-hit wonder or long-term trend?

The future of ESG – here to stay?

Benefits, flaws and pitfalls of ESG

With our panelists, we discussed the emerging importance of ESG, how to measure the true impact and how it is expected to develop in the future.



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