For the Love of Milk

Why quality calls for passion

29.01.2024 | Porsche Consulting – The Magazine

DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH, Germany’s largest dairy cooperative, embraces quality — in all areas of the company from production, processing, storage, and transport to how the products are displayed in the refrigerated cases of retail shops. As Ingo Müller, CEO of DMK, says, “What’s on the shelves is what counts. Quality is non-negotiable.” According to Müller, we’ve never had such high-grade and healthy food products in our shops as we do today: “These improvements have to be paid for. That applies to organic products as well. If it’s no longer profitable to produce them, or if most of the population isn’t willing to pay extra for them, then farmers won’t be investing in them anymore.”

As the head of a cooperative food-producing enterprise, Ingo Müller also finds himself navigating the cross-currents of conventional dairy products versus vegan alternatives. Consumer eating habits have changed. The percentage of people who are flexitarian, prioritize plant products, or are entirely vegan will continue to rise by 2030. “As food producers we can’t say that’s a bad idea and we won’t go along with it,” says Müller. Quite the opposite, in fact: the dairy has the necessary expertise for alternative products as well. In the long term, the aim is for farmers to be able to participate in innovations as raw material suppliers. But it is also clear," Müller remarks, "that we are a dairy and will remain so."  

At DMK, Dr. Marcus Krapp, Global Head of Quality, is responsible for overall quality. “Our customers' satisfaction is our highest priority,” he says. “We always want to meet their expectations for our products.” DMK has therefore drawn up a quality strategy as part of its Vision 2030, supported by Florian Haasis, Partner at Porsche Consulting, and his entire team.

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