Porsche Subscription Instead of Ownership

New mobility services complement traditional car sales. Porsche Consulting provides support for rapid testing of innovations.


The project at a glance


Changing expectations in terms of flexible mobility call for new business models in vehicle sales. Porsche Financial Services is introducing them.


Porsche consultants develop service innovations and test them live on the market in record time – whether digital or analog.


Porsche is attracting new and younger target groups with omni-channel mobility services.


Lifelong Dream, Short-term Contract

Drive a Porsche? Sure, but make it flexible – with the option of changing the car on short notice or cancel the contract. Mobility expectations have changed, which is why car subscriptions are gaining traction on the market. According to an estimate by Porsche Consulting, the number of contracts concluded in 2021 was already over 50,000. To quickly test and sustainably establish the new business model, the innovation experts assisted their colleagues at Porsche Financial Services. The subsidiary is responsible for all Porsche mobility services. 

"We don’t want to stand on the sidelines in this promising business segment, but rather bring our strengths to bear and create additional added value for our customers."
Dr. Marc Rieß
Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer
Porsche Financial Services GmbH


Test on the Market in a Matter of Weeks

Market studies have shown the massive potential of car subscriptions. Porsche sees it as a way to attract new and younger customer generations to the brand. With the service development approach from Porsche Consulting, it was possible to test new product and service innovations, with real customers, live on the market, in just a matter of weeks. The experts also helped build an agile product organization.  

1x per day

customers can change their vehicle in the particularly flexible Porsche Drive Flex subscription model.


Winning Over Younger Customers for Porsche

With the Porsche subscription, new and younger customer generations can get a start with the Porsche brand. As partners and guarantors of quality, Porsche Centers play an especially important role for the Drive subscription. Adapted, digitized processes and training courses prepared dealers for the new services. The biggest demand for the program currently is for the 911 and Taycan model lines. Managing Director Marc Riess hopes for significant gains in the future: “We expect significant growth rates not only in Germany, but also see potential in the USA and China. With our offerings, we are ideally positioned to offer our customers added value there as well.


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