Time for a Quantum Leap

Photonics specialist Jenoptik on transformation course.

24.02.2022 | Porsche Consulting – The Magazine

Jenoptik, a leading global specialist in high-tech optics, is charting a new course with an astute strategy of transformation. Porsche Consulting is accompanying Jenoptik on its journey by putting the strategy into practice. CEO Dr. Stefan Traeger is leading the company into a new era with the claim "More Light." Focusing on the core field of photonics, Traeger aims to further strengthen the company's innovative power.

In addition to companies in the semiconductor equipment sector, Jenoptik's customers come from the automotive, automotive supply, medical technology, and aviation and aeronautics industries. One highlight: the remote-controlled Mars rover Perseverance. At Jenoptik's site in Jupiter, Florida, engineers developed, installed, and tested different types of highly unusual and modern lenses for it, which enable brilliant images of the red planet. But Jenoptik specialists also have a hand in our ubiquitous everyday smartphones. The company does not make the phones' optical components, but it does ensure the quality of their camera lenses in production processes. "Digitalization would hardly be possible without us," remarks Traeger.

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