New Jobs for Robots

The autonomous assistants are moving into ever more areas of application.

25.11.2022 | Porsche Consulting – The Magazine

Robots have become a veritable fixture in industry and the service sector. The e-commerce boom of recent years has spurred the rise of autonomous, intelligent, and secure systems for loading and unloading packages. New possibilities are also arising in connection with e-mobility. In many places, the automated assistants, for example, help to facilitate charging processes for electric vehicles. Together with the U.S.-based company Dorman Products, ABB has succeeded in automating the remanufacture of electric car batteries.

“We’re seeing a real paradigm shift in production processes,” says Leonardo Leani, Division Manager for Robotics & Discrete Automation at ABB in Italy. “Robotics have proved to be a simple and versatile means of increasing quality and productivity here in a wide range of industries.” Although more companies want to enjoy the benefits of modern robotics, they are not always willing to invest the large sums needed for high-grade technical systems. ABB has responded to this stance by offering new sales models, like rentals for defined periods of time.

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