Tradition on a New Course

The mobility sector is in flux and the DKV Mobility Group is in the thick of things.

25.07.2021 | Porsche Consulting – The Magazine

Thanks to digital solutions and a focus on electric mobility, the long-standing company DKV Mobility is developing into an innovative service provider for shipping companies and fleet operators throughout Europe. Expertise from Porsche Consulting helped DKV launch its process of transformation. Taxi companies, doctors' offices, gardeners, and bakers—anyone using a van for their business or running an entire fleet of vehicles can benefit from DKV's services.

DKV's success is based on its vision of handling all of its customers' mobility-related tasks so the latter are free to focus on their core areas of activity. The company's transactions have increased to a volume of 9.3 billion euros in 2020. And it continues to pursue change on a systematic basis, reinventing itself with the aim of guiding its customers from the old to the new world of mobility—profitably and sustainably. In addition to the fuel cards that laid the foundation for its success, DKV's business model is based on innovative and digital services for customers and on sustainable forms of mobility. The face of this change, and also its driving force, is CEO Marco van Kalleveen. A native of the Netherlands, he has headed DKV since 2019 and is responsible for maintaining the pace on the road to change.

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