The Future of B2B Sales

How sales organizations must adapt to changing demands and markets
Andy Müller | Jessica M. Disch
Aug 2020 | White Paper | Inglese

The Future of B2B Sales

How sales organizations must adapt to changing demands and markets

B2B sales is changing, and sales organizations are confronted with increasingly complex challenges. The boundaries between B2C and B2B are no longer black and white, but are now more blurred. The changes demand a fundamental strategy rethink and new sales structures. But what has changed exactly? How should sales organizations react? The Sales Excellence Paper from Porsche Consulting shows how companies can master these challenges and remain competitive.


of 20 to 35-year-olds in the US were involved in product or service purchase decision-making in their companies.


of B2B customers expect vendors to personalize engagement to their needs.


of B2B customers shared a positive experience with others.

Management Summary
  • The boundaries between B2C (Business-to-Customer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) sales are already blurred and are likely to disappear in the years to come
  • Today’s B2B customers expect a broader selection, faster delivery, deeper product information and a higher degree of personalization—all accessible through multiple channels and devices
  • Markets are transforming and a new global environment put tremendous pressure on traditional B2B companies
  • There is an enormous potential for technological advancements to cope with the resulting product and service complexity
  • B2B sales organizations must now take a huge leap beyond traditional limits
  • Porsche Consulting recommends five building blocks to master these challenges, benefit from the opportunities and achieve sales excellence

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