Mobility transition at full speed

Germany needs new railway lines. DB Netz AG is accelerating infrastructure projects by 25 percent with support from Porsche Consulting


The project at a glance


DB Netz aims to make a critical contribution to the rail mobility. And that will require significant investment in new tracks, systems, railway bridges, tunnels and of course pivoting to the digitalization of infrastructure.


Large-scale construction and megaprojects need to be planned and implemented faster. Porsche Consulting enables greater efficiency and higher productivity through agile methods and digital processes.


Reliable planning and efficient construction management can reduce the lead time of megaprojects by 25 percent while keeping disruptions to live operations to a minimum.


More tracks in a shorter time

As the operator of the largest rail network in Europe, DB Netz is playing a pivotal role in the transport transition as urgent infrastructure expansion and renewals are needed quickly. The number of passengers is expected to double within a decade. In commuter services, it represents adding up to a billion new passengers. Cargo transport by rail is expected to rise by 70 percent over the same period. The entire ecosystem including the organization needs to evolve to absorb the growth in ridership. This starts with accelerat-ing the implementation of infrastructure projects.

5 years

Major projects that used to take 20 years can now be completed five years faster.


Transformation in every respect

Major railway projects are highly complex – the planning phase alone takes years. Many partners are involved. And the execution must take place in specific blocking times in which sections of the track are closed to transport. Efficient and reliable processes are essential to ensure timely resumption of operations on the lines. The consultants are supporting the development of a future-oriented strategy and process vision for the im-plementation of major projects. The key elements are faster planning using agile meth-ods, more efficient handling in a digital process and increased construction productivity through modern methods.

"Our operational contribution to the traffic turnaround: infra-structure projects 25 percent faster, and more rail traffic."
Jens Bergmann
Board Member Major Projects & Network Planning
DB Netz AG


Not just faster, but smarter

“Our operational contribution to the traffic turnaround: infrastructure projects 25 percent faster, and more rail traffic. Measurable results – with Porsche Consulting.” This is the view of Jens Bergmann, Board Member Major Projects & Network Planning. The results speak for themselves: The planning and construction time for major projects, which previously took twenty years, has been reduced by five years. Higher quality in planning and construction ensures more stable and efficient project implementation. Ensuring that not only individual projects, but the entire transport transition, get to the destination faster.


Consulting that works

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