10 Villas per Day

The Finnish company Admares is one of the pioneers of serial construction.

10.03.2022 | 保时捷管理咨询-杂志

The construction industry has seen little change in recent decades. It still mainly uses the traditional approach of manual on-site labor with multiple trade representatives, with largely unpredictable risks. That could soon change. In the future, hospitality, healthcare, and residential buildings will be manufactured like cars in factories.

Can this be done? If you look at Finland, the answer is yes. Because that’s where you’ll find an innovative and very ambitious specialist for consistent factory production of the most diverse residential buildings. The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for 2022. Admares, a company headquartered in Turku, southwestern Finland, is building the world's most modern construction factory, located in the Middle East. As of 2024, it expects to manufacture up to 2,200 homes per year, fully equipped and ready for plug and play installation on site. A factory of that type does not yet exist.

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