“A Priceless Treasure”

How values contribute to a positive corporate culture

08.11.2023 | 保时捷管理咨询-杂志

Employer attractiveness is a key factor whenever business leaders seek to recruit and retain the best personnel. People are more motivated when they can identify with their jobs and above all with their companies. But how can they recognize the right employer at a glance? One helpful sign is the values a company commits to upholding.

A solid framework of values exerts a stabilizing force especially during periods of transformation. “Many companies are going through radical change right now,” observes Dr. Wolfgang Freibichler, Partner at Porsche Consulting. “Porsche Consulting surveyed leaders at the 100 largest companies throughout Germany, and 66 percent of them want to completely reposition themselves over the next two years.” As he concludes, “Our analyses show that values are a key element here. If applied in a responsible manner, they can help ensure that people are neither surprised nor overwhelmed by a transformation.” According to the expert, “Values serve as a compass for employees. But values such as sustainability, responsibility, quality, and customer orientation are also important standards for a transformation.”

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