Strategist on the Move

Dr. Teresa Schlichting is driving Riverty's transformation “into the most human-centric” fintech

25.10.2023 | 保时捷管理咨询-杂志

With 5,000 employees in 13 countries, Riverty is a fintech (financial technology) company that serves around 25 million consumers and handles about a billion transactions a year. Until fall of 2022 the company was known as Arvato Financial Solutions, a subsidiary of the Bertelsmann international media corporation. The vision and long-term goal is to turn what was a low-profile B2B financial service provider into a people-centered fintech that everyone knows and is passionate about it — employees as well as customers.

“With Riverty we’re creating a strong brand that will appeal to customers throughout Europe,” says Dr. Teresa Schlichting, Chief Strategy Officer at Riverty. “We used to develop solutions for large companies. Today we’re building on that strength while also viewing every individual as a customer. We’re tailoring our services closely to dynamic consumer behavior.” Riverty wants to support individuals, companies, and organizations with easily accessible payment products and to take responsibility for the entire chain of transactions.

An important future business in Riverty’s extensive financial service portfolio has to do with digitalization and the transition underway in mobility. The aim is to create seamless customer experiences in the use of public transportation and other forms of mobility. In addition to ticketing and payments for public transportation and digital payment options for large parking garages, Riverty also specializes in what are known as mobility budgets.

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