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How Duravit CEO Stephan Tahy is guiding sustainability for the future

31.08.2023 | 保时捷管理咨询-杂志

For Duravit, one of the world’s leading producers of designer bathrooms, sustainability has been an integral part of its DNA for two centuries now. Long-lasting products, careful use of resources, especially of water, and avoidance of carbon emissions are all part of everyday practice at the family-owned company.

But that alone is not enough for Stephan Tahy, CEO at Duravit. In order to advance sustainability in the future and to make it the guiding principle for all the company’s actions and future challenges, he has anchored it in Duravit’s strategic corporate goals and brand values. The company’s sustainability strategy stands on the four pillars: water, climate, resources, and people.

The CEO has set an ambitious target with regard to climate protection. Duravit wants to be entirely carbon neutral along its entire value chain by 2045. This is no small matter, because production plants for ceramics are still heavily dependent on gas as the fuel for heating their kilns. “Carbon neutrality by 2045 might not look very ambitious at first glance,” says Stephan Patrick Tahy. “But in fact it is, because reaching this goal requires a major technological advance. We have to define new ways of firing ceramics, and are in the process of putting a quantum leap into practice.” 

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