The Future of Top-Line Growth in the Consumer Goods Industry

How to navigate through top trends, growth bets, and industry hurdles in challenging times
Michael Tribus | Susanne Leonhardt | Marwin Zimmermann | Paul Jonas Reitz
10月 2023 | Study | 英语

The Future of Top-Line Growth in the Consumer Goods Industry

How to navigate through top trends, growth bets, and industry hurdles in challenging times

Amidst the mounting challenges in today's market, what strategies can Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies adopt to foster robust and sustained growth? Against the background of a slowing global economy, concerns surrounding globalization, persistently high inflation rates, and constantly evolving consumer behaviors, maintaining a steady growth trajectory has become an increasingly intricate task. 

This study presents a comprehensive analysis of the key trends, growth opportunities, and obstacles that confront CPG companies. Leveraging insights derived from a survey conducted among more than 30 industry leaders, it provides valuable perspectives on the development of enduring growth strategies in the current uncertain economic landscape. Emphasis is placed on evaluating the crucial elements of their 2025 top-line growth strategy.


of CPG companies say that sustainability is one of the most important trends for the upcoming years.

3 key hurdles

will hinder companies in implementation of their strategy, namely: ambitions not broken down in KPIs, missing agility in the process, and a lack of skillset.


state that new-to-the world innovation is the most important part of product innovation in the near future.

Management Summary
  • The starting point is the dream of the customer. The focus for the growth strategy needs to be on the most important CPG trends, incorporating specific trends for the owned brands.
  • Sustainability is a trend that is here to stay — a holistic approach and continuous investment will ensure long-term success, even if the effect may not be tangible in its EBIT impact right away.
  • Being bold and committed to investing in new-to-the-world innovation is key for success. Innovation levers include an organizational culture that promotes innovation and out-of-the box thinking, customer centricity and design thinking, and investing in crucial talents.
  • Employing growth bets efficiently offers CPGs a competitive advantage: an omnichannel sales strategy and effective pricing strategy, including premiumization, help to grow and mitigate risk in uncertain times.
  • Placing emphasis on implementation is crucial for harvesting the growth potential. The key factors are projects aligned with the strategy, investment into employee capabilities and flexibility.

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