Values & Culture

What Sets Us Apart? Our culture. Team spirit, sportsmanship and passion are the guiding principles of our workday. This is how we guarantee that we can deliver excellent solutions and have fun at the same time.

That's What Sets Us Apart

Creating a Positive Work Environment Together
Our Mission

We both facilitate and demand a modern, open-minded attitude in the company that respects the diversity of our workforce and our clients.
Our Standard

We exemplify diversity in a working environment defined by mutual respect, fairness and integration In doing so, we promote team cohesion, performance and innovation.
Our Promise

We regularly question and rethink our attitude and always want to be a role model for integrity & trust, transparency, respect, openness and honesty.

Our Conviction

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

For us, our work is about people. Each one of us brings our own personality, talents, background and history to the table – that’s exactly what creates our extraordinary team spirit. We view diversity, equality and inclusion not only as a duty, but above all as an enrichment. So we were proud to become signatories of the German Diversity Charter many years ago. And we work every day to become more diverse, open and tolerant. Let’s be honest: We can always get better in this area.


Our Women’s Network


Equal opportunity is matter close to our hearts. At Porsche Consulting, the doors to all career paths are open to all, regardless of gender. With our women’s network – Women@PorscheConsulting – and targeted events, we support our women colleagues in the pursuit of their career objectives. What does that entail? Countless opportunities to share experiences with female co-workers in every department and access to the women’s networks of the entire VW Group. In addition to online events, every year we organize multiple business breakfasts as well as a two-day network gathering for all women employees of Porsche Consulting.


Sustainability is all about the future. We put this conviction into action in our daily work as well. We take concrete measures – for example by building an increasingly electric leasing and company car fleet.

Events that Bring Us Together

What’s the best way to get to know our colleagues? By spending time together outside of working hours as well, and sharing unforgettable experiences.