Future Product Creation

There are many hurdles that have to be cleared before an innovation becomes a product. A clear strategy is needed to reach the finish line.

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Striving into the Future

Technological advancement only makes a difference when people use it and incorporate it into their lives. So what’s needed is products that make innovations tangible and easy to use. Products that make their mark. We help clients develop products better, faster and at a lower cost. With innovative approaches that make the increasingly complex and intricately networked systems useful in a practical way, and that secure competitive advantages and create added value in an increasingly volatile and competitive marketplace. For a better future.   


Products drive the Future

Agile Organization

How can companies stay flexible and responsive?   

Transformation is not a project but a state of mind. We apply agile processes to help companies grasp how to implement the elements of a customized product development process in the best possible fashion. Consistently over time. This leads to products that

•    succeed on the market
•    demonstrate technological leadership
•    have a higher value than cost

Function & System Design

How can companies stay focused on customer wishes?   

It depends on the right package, not just the packaging. We help clients translate technologies into functions that benefit the customer and for which the customer is willing to pay. For product development to be successful, the system architecture has to be right. To achieve that, companies need

•    product creation processes geared toward the customer base
•    flexible system architectures
•    scalable technology components
•    a holistic understanding of their target customers   

Visualization & Simulation

How can data help when designing products?  

Simulation beats studies: Companies that have extensive market knowledge and develop their own data models are better equipped to decide how future products should be designed and what technologies they need to employ. We help clients identify successful products with virtual models – even when the technologies are highly complex. This makes it possible to

•    offer more complex products
•    manage different development speeds 
•    minimize costs

Maturity Management & Integration

How can companies keep an eye on everything at all times?

The development cycles for complex products can be quite long. And when components and modules are widely used, it’s easy to lose track of which developments are still on schedule and which aren’t. We help clients structure the maturity stages of highly complex systems with distributed functions in a clear and sensible manner. With a clear view of

•    engineering
•    hardware
•    software
•    packaging

Project Management

How can companies keep schedules and costs under control?

Good project management can’t replace capable engineers. But it creates the space for them to work and gives them achievable goals. So that all aspects of development are working in lockstep. We help clients with 

•    comprehensive synchronization
•    appropriate project governance
•    the right organizational structure 
•    clear and transparent reporting   

AI & Data Analytics

How does artificial intelligence lead to smart products?

“Artificial intelligence” and “data analytics” are often mere buzzwords. But properly applied, they make products better. Much better. We help clients develop viable AI concepts and leverage data to generate real added value. For manufacturers and customers alike. The results show up in

•    better quality
•    faster development
•    lower costs 
•    better sales figures
•    longer product cycles


Trends and Solutions

Reinventing the Wheel

The automotive industry shows how new products can be developed even under complex conditions.

Why is Systems Engineering the right choice?

Structured and efficient product innovations with a system-oriented approach.

The benefits of being different

Goldbeck GmbH offers everything from a single source.


Consulting that works

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Gregor  Harman
Managing Director Porsche Consulting USA