Profitable, resilient, sustainable and customer-centric – we transform your quality, procurement, production and logistics into value drivers for your company.   


Making Operations a Value Driver

Whether the goal is reducing costs, increasing sales or strengthening the brand – the value creation chain is of crucial importance in delivering your company’s “power to the pavement.” To achieve long-term and sustainable competitive advantages in the market, it is essential to have a forward-looking strategy while driving effective transformation. We take a holistic and cross-departmental approach to your processes. It’s the only way to create a reliable, intelligent and circular value creation system that fulfills customer expectations. People are at the center of this transformation, which is why we’re every bit as well-versed in the language of the shop floor as that of the top management. Together, we make sure that you won’t drift off course even when conditions are less than ideal. 


Effective Solutions and Strategies that Work

Operations Strategy

Your company’s success depends on customer satisfaction. Our cross-departmental solutions delight customers and enhance your profitability. This is how we create sustainable competitive advantage.


With us, your procurement will become a value generator with direct increases in profit. We prepare purchasing for the future with new strategies and boost efficiency and effectiveness.

Smart Factory & Industry 4.0

Through digitalization and automation, we can ensure performance gains in your plant operation and the value creation network. We ensure technologies and solutions fit your processes and the people who execute them. 

Supply Chain Management

We design supply chains from end to end and harmonize your delivery performance, flexibility, stability, costs and sustainability to the maximum.   

Quality-Driven Enterprise

Quality must be the hallmark of the entire company. Only then does it become a real competitive advantage. We work with you to upgrade your future processes, structures and quality culture.   

Industrialization & Ramp-Up

Together with you, we bring your functionally mature products to the market. We improve your control of complex development projects in the product ramp-up. And we get you ready to launch into new sectors.   

Operational Excellence

Whether it’s with benchmarks or a profitability program – with us, you’ll unleash the dedication and the capability of your organization to deliver top performance when you need it.   

Supplier Performance

Globally active, robust supply chains require a capable and adaptable supplier network. We improve the performance of your supplier portfolio or get it back into shape.     

"We’re familiar with paradigm shifts – we’ve been shaping and managing them successfully for over two decades."
Markus Uellendahl
Practice Lead Operations
Porsche Consulting
Markus  Uellendahl

Trends and Solutions

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Consulting that works

Reach out to us. We are here to provide support in operations.

Gregor  Harman
Managing Director Porsche Consulting USA