Innovation Management

Speed and innovation go hand in hand. But without meaningful management of implementation, good ideas can devolve into aimless suggestions.

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Technology Determines Business Models

We help you become an innovation leader in your industry. Companies that master technologies can define markets and business models and get ahead of the competition. To get the right products to market at the right time, innovation leaders need a comprehensive innovation management system. To find the best ideas among the merely good.

The Porsche Consulting phase model extends from trend scouting and the initial idea all the way to the launch. It creates the space and the right structures in the company. At the same time, it places people and their creative potential at the center of the enterprise. This enables our clients to create a promising innovation culture and expand their innovativeness.


We bring your Ideas to the Market

Benchmarking & Management

What are the benchmarks for defining innovation?

Together, we ensure that top innovators within and outside of the company can play their special role. Benchmarks and clearly defined goals are an important part of that effort. This ensures that the right innovations are prioritized and that development work is purposeful. In this way, we help clients 

•    create real added value 
•    enhance agility
•    practice the desired innovativeness in their everyday work   

Innovation Management Systems

How can companies organize innovation processes?   

We build the foundation for systemic and sustained innovation management. We create the framework and conditions for companies to implement innovation systematically and sustainably in every dimension. The more complex the development processes are, the more important clear structures become. They ensure

•    more growth
•    more future-proof products
•    better margins
•    a full product pipeline

Research & Predevelopment

How can companies identify successful innovations?

We help companies integrate innovation management into existing process contexts and structures. This makes progress visible. Innovations can then be evaluated and decisions made on the basis of facts. Enduring success requires a solid foundation and must be measurable. Together with you, we develop

•    indicators for successful innovations
•    roadmaps for complex development paths
•    decision trees for targeted innovation management
•    agile systems for development processes 


Trends and Solutions

Innovative Working Atmosphere

How managers succeed in giving New Work a nudge

Innovation Tackles the Virus

Digital innovations not only simplify the lives of doctors and patients but can protect them too. With that aim, GE Healthcare—a manufacturer of medical systems—wants to do away with waiting rooms.


Consulting that works

Reach out to us. We are here to provide support in technology and development.

Gregor  Harman
Managing Director Porsche Consulting USA