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Porsche Consulting as an Employer for Students

Imagine experiencing a new and exciting side of your dream job every single day. At Porsche Consulting, that’s exactly what an internship entails. Whether it’s in our Corporate Functions, i.e. Business Services, or in a consulting project with a client – with us, you’ll gain invaluable practical experience. And you’ll be an integral part of your team from day one. You can look forward to working with people who are just as open, diverse and dynamic as you are. The four to six months of your internship with us will prove beyond a doubt that management consulting is anything but buttoned-down and boring.

Entry Options

Where Do You Want to Do Your Internship?

Client Projects


Here we’ll bring you into a client project and present you with challenging tasks from the get-go. You’ll work as an integral member of the team and experience first-hand how to deliver great results under pressure. 

Internal Areas

Corporate Functions

The Business Services team is exciting and varied. You can start your career in any of the following departments: Marketing, Graphics, Human Resources, or Finance. Which functional area interests you the most? 

Our Benefits

Advantages You’ll Enjoy in Your Internship


Full Member of the Team

Part of the Team

From day one, you’ll be an integral part of your team and Porsche Consulting as a whole – and you’ll feel it right away. You’ll work on important projects in a diverse and multicultural environment. Frequently with your team at clients’ locations.


Growing Together

Steep Learning Curve

We’ll quickly entrust you with important tasks and rely on your dedication. With deep insight into the project, you’ll be able to turbocharge your development and put yourself in the pole position for your future career.


Global Networking

Valuable Contacts

Consulting without networking? Not with us! Through communities and group get-togethers, we facilitate your contact with other students. And get you networked across borders as well.


New Work

High Flexibility

Want more flexibility in your internship? In coordination with your team, you’ll be able to choose your office location between Atlanta and Palo Alto and enjoy remote working opportunities and flexible working hours.


Working with Inspiration

Attractive Working Environment

Our offices are modern in their design and offer the perfect working environment for smart strategies and creative ideas.

Behind the Scenes

#GetToKnow Luisa Kömpf

Junior Professional
Procurement & Travel Management

I feel incredibly fortunate to have joined such an exceptional team and contribute every day to make mobility at Porsche Consulting for our colleagues as sustainable, convenient, and beneficial as possible.

Foto von Luisa Kampf

Behind the Scenes

#GetToKnow Nick Liu


My first and second attempts did not work, but the third time landed me in an amazing project team. I was warmly welcomed to the company and had the opportunity to rapidly develop my own consulting skills.

Foto von Nick Liu

Other Career Insights

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Does team spirit, sportsmanship and ambition align with your perfect job environment? Then our company culture is the perfect match. 

We answer the most important questions about Porsche Consulting, career opportunities, the application process and onboarding.

As a leading international management consultancy, we take sustainability very seriously – not least for the sake of future generations.



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