Strategie und Organisation

Strategy & Organization

Porsche Consulting helps clients develop and implement strategies that make their companies more agile and quick on their feet – in a word: better. Compelling strategies.   


Our Strategy? Your Success.

What a company does is important. But today, it’s much more important how it does it: Only the companies that make optimal use of technology, continuously adapt their strategy and resource allocation, make careful use of resources and achieve maximum performance with a motivated workforce can succeed in the global marketplace. This requires stable values, but also the willingness and the ability to question the status quo and make changes.   


Effective Solutions and Strategies that Work


What’s better than an ingenious plan? One that works. We help companies develop a long-term vision and put it into practice. With compelling strategies that work.   

Corporate Finance

Managing and financing strategies and transformation: We help CEOs strengthen their finance activities and boost their company’s value.


Sustainability unites companies’ responsibility for the environment, climate and society with their business objectives. Together with our clients, we shape this sustainability transformation.

Digital Transformation

The world is becoming more digital every day. We ensure that companies have the latest smart technology in every area of their business. For greater insight in the digital economy.   

Operating Model Design

Global competition is becoming increasingly intense: We help companies achieve top performance. To enable above-average results with flexibility, expertise and resilience.

Value Creation & Performance

With our value-creation and efficiency-boosting projects, we lead you to sustained profitability. For both strong results and lasting value.    

People & Culture

Strategic transformation has to reach the workforce. We help prepare them for continuous change. With a focus on the people and a strong HR department backing the effort.

"In a constantly changing, highly competitive environment, it is essential for managers to implement profitable strategies and create lasting value."
Pschemyslaw Pustelniak
Practice Lead Strategy & Organization
Porsche Consulting


Trends and Solutions

Multidimensional Leadership

How to manage strategic transformation.

B2B Platform Play

Revolutionizing the rules of B2B industries with platform business models

Beyond the Product

How industrial goods providers improve their competitive advantage with servitization


Consulting that works

Reach out to us. We are here to provide support in the field of strategy & organization.

Gregor  Harman
Managing Director Porsche Consulting USA