Technologie und Entwicklung

Development & Technology

Innovation and products go together: Compelling development planning and a suitable innovation strategy are the basis of a future-proof product pipeline. 


Good Ideas don’t happen by Accident

A company's future viability depends on expertise in development and technology. Only companies with a clear picture of future innovations can put their resources to best use and develop strategic products. Importantly, the technology can’t be an end in itself, but must serve the customer’s needs. And it must offer the space for creativity and inventiveness where the company needs it most. Porsche Consulting helps clients develop strategies that enable innovations and actively drive transformation. For a technological transition to the future.


Effective Solutions and Strategies that Work

R & D Strategy

Research and development in a company have to serve a purpose. We help companies use the right team to reach the right goals. To turn ideas into products. 

Innovation Management

Innovations don’t happen by accident. We help set the right benchmarks and establish an innovation culture. To create the space for unconventional thinking and bring products to fruition.

Advanced Products & Technologies

Together with our clients, we develop agile processes that keep the product pipeline full and enable the implementation of technological developments. For a plannable, secure future.

Future Product Creation

Groundbreaking products have to make it on the market. We help clients manage their products and technologies in a way that allows them to break through on the market at the ideal moment. 

Software Driven Transformation

The digitalization of products and processes continues apace. We help clients use, develop and continually upgrade software to the maximum benefit of the company. To make sense of data and programs.   

"There are many fascinating technologies. The trick is to translate them into fascinating products."
Oliver Kayser
Practice Lead Development & Technology
Porsche Consulting


Trends and Solutions

Time for a Quantum Leap

Photonics specialist Jenoptik on transformation course.

Future Farming

About the Need for Game Changers in the Agricultural Industry

From Gigafactory to Giga-Business

Electric cars are only as good as their batteries—the producers of these batteries need to master the technologies and offer competitive prices if they are to succeed.


Consulting that works

Reach out to us. We are here to provide support in the field of technology and development.

Gregor  Harman
Managing Director Porsche Consulting USA