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About Osman

What you should know about him

Osman’s job in IT covers many different topics. Most of the colleagues at Porsche Consulting know him from the IT training on the first day as he coordinates and manages the IT onboarding process of new joiners. But Osman also manages several internal IT service processes, including the development of new automation projects as automation and cloud development are his area of expertise.  

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Osman, tell us more about you!

Osman, how did you get to know Porsche Consulting?

I first got to know Porsche Consulting in 2018 as part of my internship semester during my software engineering studies. I loved the huge variety of tasks and projects as well as the daily challenges we solved as a team. After my internship, I wanted to stay part of the team and contribute to the great transformation. For this reason, I decided to join the company -first as a working student and finally as a permanent employee. Now I’m responsible for the upcoming IT automation projects.


How would you summarize your time so far at Porsche Consulting in 3 words?



At Porsche Consulting, there are always new challenges. As a team, we face them together and continuously increase our potential and achieve new successes.


The company is constantly growing, and so are our skills. During my time at Porsche Consulting, I have learned a lot about the success and development possibilities of companies.


In my daily work, I am consistently presented with a variety of tasks that spur me to think innovatively and develop new skills.

If you were to get an award, what would it be for?

If I were to get an award, it would probably be for my creativity and innovation in software development.

„The biggest prejudice IT professionals face is probably the assumption that they can fix anything just by ‘turning it off and on again.“
Osman Usluy
Young Professional
Porsche Consulting