The CHRO Agenda

How HR directors are shaping the future
Marc Zacherl | Ninjo Lenz | Florian Osterloh
Dez. 2021 | White Paper | Englisch

The CHRO Agenda

How HR directors are shaping the future 

HR directors accompany and shape the transformation of their companies - more intensively than ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. The three driving forces are demographic, diversity and digitization. Demographic change alone will reduce the number of employed persons in Germany from more than 50 million in 2018 to around 45 million in 2039.

But how do CHROs manage to put the right topics on their agendas? The following three strategic HR requirements can be identified from megatrends: Future decisions will be based on data and evidence, the importance of learning will change fundamentally in the knowledge age, and individualization, self-determination, and freedom of choice will play a central role in working life. The white paper from Porsche Consulting provides insights into success factors of HR directors and interviews with experts for innovative approaches to solving the three key challenges.


the demographic shift will reduce the size of the labor force from more than 50 million in 2018 to approximately 45 million


of companies use the full scope of people analytics, although 75 percent of those surveyed view it as highly relevant


an HR controller  will develop more in the direction of a data scientist

Management Summary
  • The growing importance of people analytics is fueling a rise in data-supported HR decisions
  • Suitable reskilling and upskilling strategies are making companies more competitive in dynamic environments
  • Companies with strong people-first cultures will shape work environments of the future

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