The Secret of Love

How to initiate long-lasting consumer-brand relationships resulting in brand love
Dr. Murat Balak | David Blecher | Kira Hüsken
Juli 2021 | White Paper | Englisch

The Secret of Love

How to initiate long-lasting consumer-brand relationships resulting in brand love

In times of global competition and increasing product variety, the importance of brands is growing rapidly. Brands not only provide orientation and ensure a certain degree of quality, but can also build an emotional bond with their customers. "Brand love" describes the closest of all relationships between brand and consumer. It develops when a customer identifies with the brand, feels attracted to it, and perceives the brand as superior to the competition. This white paper examines the concept of brand love on various levels. It shows that consumers who love a brand exhibit greater loyalty, willingness to pay and (re)purchase affinity, and also addresses the question of how brands can become a "love brand".


By inspiring love, companies foster lifelong emotional bonds with their customers.


For great brands to survive, they must create loyalty beyond reason in consumers. This is key to differentiate themselves in today’s overloaded world of brands.


Brands that consistently win “wow” moments will earn a special place in consumers’ hearts and minds.

Management Summary
  • Brand love is the most intense of all consumer-brand relationships.
  • Brand love is evoked in consumers when they can identify with the brand, feel connected to the brand (intimacy), feel attracted by the brand (passion), and perceive the brand as superior to the competition.
  • Consumers who love a brand show higher loyalty, resulting in a willingness to pay a price premium, to (re-)purchase the brand, to speak positively about the brand in public and may even defend the brand to others.
  • Companies striving for building up brand love should follow four dimensions: Having a uniqueness factor; focusing on emotional branding; creating memorable experiences; and finally, keeping the promise in order to prevent dissatisfied customers.

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