Understanding the Automotive Battery Life Cycle

Eike Gernant | Frank Seuster | Dr. Fabian Duffner | Martin Jambor
Jan. 2022 | White Paper | Englisch

Understanding the Automotive Battery Life Cycle

A comprehensive analysis of current challenges in the circular economy of automotive batteries

The global increase in sales of electrified passenger and commercial vehicles requires imminent solutions for what happens to the traction batteries after their use in the vehicles. The limited service life of lithium-ion batteries, regulations governing their return and disposal, and increasing environmental awareness require close considerations. 

In the search for sustainable solutions, this White Paper provides profound insights and assessments on life cycle management, the usability and relevance of used batteries, as well as raw material recovery processes and their economic viability.


43% of all batteries will stem from End-of-Life (EoL) batteries.


CO2 eq per kWh is the enormous saving potential of recycled EoL batteries.


only of EoL batteries currently find their way to recyclers.

Management Summary
  • Predictive battery analytics will become a standard procedure in battery life cycle management, contributing to the rising need of batteries
  • Battery recycling can support raw material supply and is likely to become economically attractive
  • Several technical and economic hurdles must be considered
  • Regulatory frameworks can support with measures such as collection targets, obligatory proportions for recycled materials in new cells and target recycling efficiencies
  • The promising CO2 savings play a substantial role for future profitability

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